We have been raising Shetland sheep since moving to our 11 acre farm in 2000. We are located just SW of Eugene, Oregon, very close to town. We fell in love with the little sheep not only because of their size but also because of their lovely wool and variety of colors. Lately we have also adopted a few Gotland sheep and find them quite compatible with the Shetlands. We sell sheep to fellow spinners, other breeders, and those who just want some pet sheep to mow their grass. Our goal is to keep the flock to about 20-25 sheep. We do our best to keep our animals in the best of health and their coats clean all with minimum impact on the environment so they can provide high quality handspinning fleeces and other products to fiber fanatics. We believe the sheep of Mctavish Farm are quite spoiled!

Check out our Blog for monthly updates on news of the goings on at McTavish Farm. We also have fleeces and sheep for sale listed there as well, see the sale pages.