Our Flock

Jasper and Strudel

We are a small farm running between 25-30 adult sheep on about 10 acres of land. Our breeding goals focus on conformation, fleece, and personality. In addition we strive to maintain the Shetlands’ natural hardiness, good mothering instincts and ease of lambing that have been inherent in this breed. We work to perform all this with a minimal impact on the environment. Each fall we breed a few select ewes for lambs in the spring. If you might be interested in lambs this coming spring don't hesitate to contact us. Big orders may spur us to breed more sheep!

We currently have a couple mature ewes for sale. Please see our present sale list on our blog. These ewes could be bred this fall (Oct/Nov) before leaving for a new home.

We plan to be at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival but will not be bringing sheep to show. With the budding spinning wheel business we have allowed ourselves to limit it to one show per year. That will be Eugene's own Black Sheep Gathering in June.