The Magnus spinning wheel

Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel I'm making is based on the design of Magnus Drudik of Salem, Oregon. Around 1985 Magnus set about producing an improved wheel for his wife Heidi. After spinners experienced the wheel he soon became inundated with orders from all over the country.

I worked over a year with Magnus to ensure the continued production of his highly regarded wheel. I am currently working primarily in the same Oregon sourced woods that Magnus did; Myrtle, figured Maple, Walnut and Cherry. Other woods will be considered upon request.

The wheel is a castle style built to the exacting standards Magnus established, hand made one wheel at a time. It is double drive but can also be set up in scotch tension. One of the most interesting aspects of the wheel is that the mother-of-all can rotate over 180 degrees from right to left so it can accommodate both left and right handed spinners. The flyer orifice is a sealed stainless steel bearing so it’s not necessary to feed the bobbin from directly in front of the flyer.

The design makes it a very smooth comfortable and versatile wheel to use. All the bearings are sealed so there is no lubrication required. The ratios are about approx. 4.75, 5.5, 7, 9+, 12.75 and 17 to 1, there will be slight variations. I also make a companion lazy kate and a cart to transport the wheel which are available at additional cost.

Currently (2013) prices range from $2575-$3450 plus shipping depending on the variety of woods used for the smaller wheel. I am now making a limited number of the original sized wheels, focusing primarily on Myrtlewood and Maple. Prices range from $4250- $4850 or higher depending on wood. Factor in a 5% increase in price per year in to approximate pricing in the years ahead. I have a wait list which is approximately 6 years out at this point. If you’re interested in a wheel I'll be happy add you to it. Please consider joining our Ravelry group to keep up to date with pictures of all the wheels, current information and great conversation. If you have an original Drudik wheel I may be interested in purchasing it regardless of it’s state of repair.

Tom Livernois