McTavish Farm Shetlands

29190 McTavish Lane
Eugene, Oregon


Shetland sheep are a small “primitive” breed of sheep originating in the Shetland Islands. As they are considered an“unimproved” breed they maintain their hardiness, personality and size. They are manageable animals, with an adult weight of 90-120 pounds. The ewes are easy lambers and make great mothers. Lambs are born with short tails that do not require docking. The Shetlands’ small hooves are light on the environment and their size makes them appropriate for smaller tracts of land. They are will suited to the pacific northwest climate with a minimum of hoof problems. Shetland meat is mild in flavor and low in saturated fats. These sheep are great foragers and blackberries are one of their favorite delicacies.

The best part about Shetlands is their loving personalities, making them ideal farm animals as well as great pets. A bad day can be easily remedied by spending a few moments in the pasture with the sheep.

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